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Water Makes You Skinny, Look Younger and Feel Better. Literally.




How much water do you drink in a day?

If you answered “not enough” or you’re not sure, read on.


Here are 2 compelling reasons to drink more water and 7 proven benefits . . .




First, our bodies can confuse the feelings of hunger, thirst and fatigue.

Since there are more calories in food than water assume the feeling is thirst and drink water first.

This strategy has been proven to help you lose weight.

A study showed that people who drank water before meals every day for 12 weeks lost an average of 2.6 more pounds than people who didn’t.

The idea being that the stomach can only hold so much, so you fill up sooner, feel satisfied and eat fewer calories per meal.


Second, without water you can’t burn fat.

Water is a key ingredient in the bodily process of burning fat. It’s called lipolysis and it’s the breaking down of fat into its component parts, releasing energy and decreasing your fat stores.

Interestingly, more water leads to increased lipolysis.

The body will use available water for other more important functions first, so having enough on board ensures effective fat burning.





Severe dehydration can kill.

Thankfully not many of us are put in this position but all too many of us don’t drink enough water on a daily basis leading to chronic mild dehydration.  

We get headaches, irritable, constipated, and fatigued. Not to mention our pain increases.

Even mild dehydration leaves us with metabolic dysfunction. That’s no good, but particularly troublesome for people with chronic diseases including obesity, type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance, and heart disease.

So avoid dehydration at all costs—it’s easy! Just drink more water.




There are plenty of other benefits of upping your water intake. Here are 7:


Younger Looking Skin

Skin literally appears less wrinkled and dewy when it’s hydrated properly (who doesn’t want that?!) And it’s also less susceptible to infection (good to know!)


Less Joint Discomfort

With more water comes better joint function and less pain due to the well supplied lubricant within the joints. Smooth movement and better shock-absorption. Win-win.


No Brain Fog

You actually think more clearly, feel more energized (less fatigued) and feel happier (less irritable). Really. (Here’s a study)


Improved Kidney and Liver Function

Having an ample supply of water for your body to use ensures a seamless waste removal process through both the kidneys (urine) and the liver (stool).

Adequate water protects against kidney stones and even prevents water retention.

Bloat be gone!

It’s counter-intuitive but drinking enough water can actually decrease swelling (as long as your kidneys are healthy).


Smooth Moving GI Tract

Drinking more water is the first line of defense against constipation. More water, more poop.


Stronger Muscles

Muscles are up to 80% water. They are most efficient when they’re fully loaded. So being well hydrated will literally make exercising feel easier.





At least 2 liters a day, more when you exercise.

Two liters is 4 of those standard plastic water bottles you can get in stores (they’re half a liter each).

For all you non-metric people: 2 liters is about the same as 64 ounces (half a gallon).


I highly recommend refillable water bottles since this will be your lifelong habit and you can just imagine how many plastic bottles you’ll save.





Pure, filtered water is best.

But really, anything non-caffeinated or non-alcoholic counts. Caffeine and alcohol dehydrate. They’re diuretics, making you pee more than you take in.

Bubbles are just fine.

Preferably your beverage of choice has little to no calories (read: avoid juices or non-diet sodas).


Are you convinced yet?


Hydrate to feel your best everyday.




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