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Yo-Yo No More



Yo-Yo No More:

3 Proven Strategies

to Keep Your Hard Earned Weight Loss for Good


That’s the title of the talk I’m giving for a Wellness Summit created by my friend Dr. Orlena Kerek. It’s impressive what she managed to put together, nearly 40 talks on topics ranging from sleep and stress to pain and plant based eating.


There’s free access all this week.

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My talk is available all day tomorrow (Friday).


In it I discuss the National Weight Control Registry, a collection of over 10,000 people who’ve lost at least 30 pounds and kept it off for at least one year (the range is from 30 to 300 pounds and 1 to 66 years!) It’s the largest on-going study of successful weight loss maintainers.


Many professional articles have been written using the data from these individuals and they’ve discovered some interesting stuff. See my talk for 3 of the 4 main strategies used by the registrants. Specifically, learn:

  • How important is exercise in maintenance anyway?
  • The more you do this one thing, the thinner you stay.
  • Eating this will keep your weight off long term.


Here I’m going to talk about the 4th. Turns out the majority of successful maintainers do less of this.


It’s watch TV.


Two thirds of people who’ve kept at least 30 pounds off for over a year watch less than 10 hours of TV per week.


Now TV in and of itself is not evil nor does it magically apply pounds to your thighs, but it points to a lifestyle.


The success stories posted on the National Weight Control Registry are inspiring, as most weight loss journeys tend to be. A commonality is the increased energy gained after dropping weight.


What I love about the anecdotes is what people actually do with the newfound energy—they live! They interact with their grandchildren more, move with ease on a regular basis, they go on active vacations they never thought possible. One woman even became a part-time teacher, a dream of hers she thought would never come true due to her weight.


Successful weight loss maintenance depends on consistency in the behavioral changes that got the weight off in the first place. Once those patterns are established it’s amazing how much time that frees up.


No more worrying about your food or wondering what to eat or not eat.   No more negotiating about whether to take the walk or not or when it will fit in the day. No more time spent strategizing in the closet.


The new healthy habits are established and over time they require little thought. They’re just automatic. That frees up a lot of brain time.


What to do with that time? Watching TV is one answer, but coupled with new energy and a feeling of accomplishment with your successful weight loss, writing that novel comes to mind. Or getting your degree. Or volunteering at the museum more often. Or training for a bicycle vacation. Adopting a puppy or running for office. Now that you’re mentally and energetically free, the possibilities are endless.


What will you do with your hours?


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