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5 Advantages of Midlife for Weight Loss



During midlife, there may be metabolism mysteries (solve them by watching this video) and hormone headaches (learn more about hormones here), but there are also some hard won benefits to being older when you’re trying to lose weight.


Consider these:


1.  You know yourself


You’ve tried enough foods, exercises, and systems to know what works for you and what doesn’t. You know if you’ll be permanently cranky without your morning coffee or if spinning class just isn’t your thing.


Clarity is freedom.


To get things done, you work within your personal parameters and figure it out. Perfect.


2.  You know it’s up to you


This one’s my favorite. By this time in life, you’ve experienced the soul-crushing realization that Prince Charming is not actually on his way and that saving you isn’t on his agenda.


It’s all up to you.


That’s the good and bad news. Because when it’s all up to you, you get to call the shots.


You are the grown-up.


You no longer believe something other than your own decisions can help you achieve your goals—especially when it comes to weight loss.


3.  You have control over your environment


You created the environment you’re in and you can decide what stays and what goes. You may have family to negotiate with, but benefits 1 and 2 above allow you to do this with authority and grace.

Your physical food environment is important but so is your time environment, your schedule. Making room for adequate sleep and regular exercise is up to you.


4.  You’re more realistic


Likely you’ve tried multiple fad diets by this time. You know the drill: rapid weight loss with unsustainable food behaviors followed by a rebellion to the restriction, back to “normal” eating and rapid weight gain.


Your mature self knows that the only real result is the one that lasts. And lasting change comes from practical, deliberate, consistent action.


You’re more realistic with your weight loss goals as well. “High School Weight at Any Cost” may no longer make sense when you take into account what your body’s been through over the last couple of decades.


5.  You have more patience


Now this one may feel like a stretch, but we’ve been around long enough to know that a year goes by in a blink. Since a year passes anyway, we might as well be working our way towards our goal.


“Overnight and short-lived” loses out to “slow and steady” when it comes to weight loss. During midlife, we both understand and have the wherewithal to live it.



These 5 traits make you a ROCKSTAR at weight loss. They set you up to make decisions that last and result in healthy, steady weight loss over time.


Having more patience, being realistic, knowing yourself, and accepting responsibility for your environment and your choices are key ingredients to a sustainable weight loss journey . . . at any age.


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