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Don’t Invite the Enemy In . . . A Halloween Story

Oct 23, 2019



Halloween’s just a week away.


[Hopefully you haven’t bought your candy yet –see The Best Day to Buy Halloween Candy].


The phrase, “Don’t Invite the Enemy In” always comes to mind around this time of year.


Pre-Halloween it’s about the Costco-sized bags of candy that haunt you from inside the pantry until you inevitably give in.


One mean sugar high and thousands of calories (literally) later, regret and shock at the depth of lack of control ruin the experience (and your hope for maintaining your weight this week).


This is where environmental control comes in. 

Think twice before buying the candy weeks in advance. 

Be realistic.  Be kind to yourself. 

Someone has to be the house that gives away toothbrushes :)


When I thought about it a little longer, “Not inviting the enemy in” has lots of applications.


Think about trick-or-treaters. You don’t invite them in. You meet them at the door, give them what they want, and they go away.




Seems like a great way to deal with life’s unpleasantries.


Acknowledge them, deal with the reality in a sweet a way as possible, and let them go.


We don’t need to invite them in.

They aren’t entitled to make themselves comfortable, spend the weekend or move in permanently.


I’m talking about you: critical relative who knows no boundaries.

I’m talking about you: long-time “friend” who sucks the life out of you.

I’m talking about you: job that clearly no longer fits.

I’m talking about you: drama and out of control reactions.

I’m talking about you: overeating to mask feelings.


You can meet each of these at the door, look them square in the eye, smile while saying “no thank you”, gently close the door and get to work dealing with the parts of the situation you have control over.

Feel feelings, make decisions, say “no” so you can say “yes” to the things that light you up.


Kicking people out is always harder than not inviting them in.

So while you’re working on shooing out the volunteer position that no longer works for your schedule, keep an eye on the door.


And remember, even vampires can’t come in unless invited.


Happy Halloween!