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Candy vs. Sweetness



Halloween is just around the corner.


One of last year’s Halloween blogs was about the best day to buy Halloween candy.  Find out here.


This year let’s talk about conscious candy choices.


As long as we’re aware of what we’re doing and why, we can have a happy, guilt-free experience with candy (or anything else, for that matter).


In order to be conscious about your candy consumption, ask yourself a couple of questions:


  1. What feeling am I looking to get?
  2. Is this the only way to get it?


You may be saying: OMG! It’s just a piece of candy—no need to analyze the heck out of it!


And for some of you that’s true.  Enjoy a piece of your favorite and move on.


But for most of us, it’s more complicated than that.


Candy may only be on your mind because it’s the start of “Sweets Season” and it’s everywhere you look.  Environmental triggers can be powerful and if we’re not deliberate with our choices, we can get into trouble.


Halloween is the gateway to the holiday season.  Much like there’s a Wedding Season, there’s also a Weight Gain Season.  And we’re at the precipice.


70% of Americans gain weight during these months and the vast majority don’t take it off.


So while it’s just a piece of candy, it may represent the start of something more.


By asking yourself the questions above, you give yourself the room to make thoughtful choices.


You may decide to eat candy because it’s a tradition that makes you feel good—reliving fond memories.


Could you reminisce by looking at old pictures?  Writing a letter to your child self or young mother?  Could you watch an old movie that will bring back warm feelings?

Getting kids ready to partake in Halloween fun can fill all the nostalgic needs. When your kids age out, there could be a wistful remembering. These are all valid feelings that need space, but may not need candy.


Candy is not evil, nor is it completely harmless to some.


The refined processed sugar in conventional candy can act like a drug. Some are more susceptible than others. You know if starting candy now is just a slide on ice through Christmas. Take that into consideration.


Often what we’re really looking for is sweetness in our lives.

But it doesn’t have to be food—in fact it shouldn’t be.

Cravings for sweetness can mean we need more than we have right now. Our need may have gone up (extra stress or sadness) or we may be missing some we usually have (change in schedule, friend away).

Either way, getting the loving support you need directly may stave off any candy binges and sugar hangovers.


Or you may just want a fun-sized Baby Ruth.


Ask yourself the questions to get clear.


Happy Halloween!


Watch the Ounce of Prevention Chat below to get the skinny on candy vs sweetness.





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