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The Drifter




There are 4 Weight Loss Maintenance Types: Rebounder, Drifter, Floater and Manager. (To find out which Type you are, take the short quiz here)


Each Type has unique strengths and susceptibilities when it comes to keeping weight off for good.


Last week we heard about the Rebounder so today we get to discuss . . . the Drifter.


Drifters do a wonderful job of losing weight.


This time around they took the time to get into the right mindset and changed behaviors so they saw results. It still felt like a diet because the foods were different, swapping out fruits and veggies for favorite snacks, but it was worth it since the pounds came off.


The progress was steady and it makes the Drifter feel in control of her food and weight loss. And before you know it—goal!!

Feels so good.


Because the Drifter was able to change behaviors without much fuss and sustained it over time, maintenance feels like it’ll be a breeze. In fact, her weight stays steady for a while without much thought.  


Over time the favorite foods start making their way back in. It seems harmless at first, a few chips here and a cookie there. In fact, she’s impressed with her newfound ability to limit the portions of these previously triggering foods.


Over the next weeks and months, the portions and frequency slowly increase. It’s almost imperceptible, but in short order the pounds start creeping back just like the portion sizes.


Drifters need a better post-diet plan.


Drifters lose the weight, but the forever nature of maintenance makes it a whole different ballgame.


The missing piece? Accountability.


Especially if it wasn’t part of the Drifter’s weight loss process, it may not seem necessary for maintenance. But it is.


There has to be a system in place to remind Drifters of the habits that keep them thin. The good news is, once reminded, Drifters can do what needs to be done and keep that weight off for good.


There are many ways to stay accountable for food choices and weight stability.


Daily or weekly weigh-ins are just one example. Catching weight gain as soon as possible means any problematic behaviors can be nipped in the bud.


Learning to maintain weight loss with consistent support and guidance is what Maintenance University is all about. It’s where all the Types can come together for enthusiastic support and reliable information about maintaining weight loss for life.


There’s even a free Facebook group—join here!


Next week I’ll introduce you to the Floater.




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