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The Rebounder



What Maintenance Type are you?


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Your Maintenance Type reveals your vulnerabilities when it comes to maintaining weight loss (for an introduction to Maintenance Types read this).


You are one of 4 Types: Rebounder, Drifter, Floater or Manager


Over the next month we’ll talk in depth about each Type.

Today, The Rebounder.


The Rebounder Type is one of the most common and certainly most recognizable.

She’s otherwise known as the yo-yo dieter.


The typical set-up is this: she goes on a restrictive diet, either in terms of calories or types of foods and wills her way to weight loss. She’s actually great at it, but as soon as she's lost the weight (or that will dries up) she’s back to her pre-diet eating and making up for lost time.


The cravings are a killer. She finds she can’t stop until all the weight returns and then some.


The deprivation/craving cycle is born. It’s a depressing trap.


Not only is her weight dramatically affected but so is her emotional life. She’s either happy and thin (briefly) or miserable and overweight (most of the time).


This pattern goes with the "All or Nothing" thinking of a Rebounder: perfect diet eating OR overeating—nothing in between.


The key to ending this cycle is first recognizing it.


Then the “in-between” times need some attention.


Losing weight can be done many ways, but for my sweet Rebounder, it’s the transition from diet eating to lifetime eating that requires time and consideration.


For a Rebounder, getting in touch with Hunger cues is one place to start.


She often prides herself on overriding the signals so she can lose weight fast, just to be blindsided by monster cravings when the breaks are off.


Learning to feed hunger, not waiting for ravenous, but eating when just hungry, can start to free the Rebounder from the deprivation/craving cycle. The second half of that equation is learning to stop eating once satisfied—not full, but satisfied.


Feeling and appropriately responding to the body’s hunger cues is just one aspect of easing out of diet eating to maintenance.

For the Rebounder, experiencing the gray (as opposed to only black or white) allows her to practice living in the full spectrum of life. Free from endless cycles or traps.


Learning to maintain weight loss with consistent support and guidance gives her the confidence she needs to allow for this transformation. That’s why there’s Maintenance University.


Maintenance University is where all the Types come together for enthusiastic support and reliable information about maintaining weight loss for life.

There’s even a free Facebook group—join here!


Next week we meet the Drifter.




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