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The Floater




Your Maintenance Type reveals your biggest block when it comes to keeping your hard-earned weight loss for good.


There are four Types: Rebounder, Drifter, Floater and Manager

(Which are you? Find out with the short quiz right here.)


In previous weeks, we covered the tendencies of The Rebounder and The Drifter so today we’re talkin’ Floater.


The image I have for The Floater is an empty raft on a river. It’s going along just fine, floating, effortlessly following the path of the stream.


It may float this way for quite a while, easily making it’s way downstream, until one day it hits a log. With no one onboard to steer it, it’s hopelessly jammed with no way to free itself.


No more forward movement.

No more ease.

Just frustrating stuckness.


Floaters lose weight and are able to keep it off.

For a time.


The trouble starts with a significant change.

It might be a new job or the end of a relationship or even the beginning of one. It doesn’t have to be negative, just something big enough to change schedules and introduce considerable emotion.


Having to deal with new and/or difficult circumstances can knock a Floater off her game and have her emotionally eating in no time.


Floaters figured out a way to deal with the usual daily stresses when it came to losing weight and keeping it off. But Stress with a capital S is a different story. Floaters feel caught off guard and can find themselves face first in a carton of ice cream when the big one hits.


Floaters need a plan for the harder times. Since maintenance is decades long, harder times are inevitable. Getting a handle on how to deal with emotions without food will be the key to Floaters’ maintenance success.


This is where non-food comforts come in.

Many of us are so used to comforting ourselves with food, it’s hard to imagine any other way. It’s a habit that’s so ingrained, it’s unconscious. Becoming aware of the behavior and choosing a different one, one that won’t have you popping zantac and feeling guilty, is vital for long term success.


Finally learning to deal with emotional eating is one of the key topics covered in Maintenance 101, one of Maintenance University’s courses on maintaining weight loss for life. Maintenance University is a safe place for reliable info, expert guidance and enthusiastic support for your weight loss maintenance journey.


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