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The Manager




There are four Weight Loss Maintenance Types: Rebounder, Drifter, Floater and Manager.


Your Type points to your vulnerability when it comes to long-term weight loss maintenance. Discovering yours puts you in the position to support your needs and easily keep your weight stable for life.

Find out your Type with the short quiz right here.


Over the past several weeks we’ve been detailing each Type (catch up on each here: The Rebounder, The Drifter, The Floater).


Today is Manager day!


Managers planned to make this their final weight loss effort. Often they had maintenance in mind this time around.


Managers likely lost their weight slowly over time giving themselves the practice needed to cement their new helpful behaviors into habits. They were patient and that patience pays off in a new worldview that buoys the idea of long-term success. And yet . . .


Long-term is relative.


The nature of Maintenance is that it’s FOREVER.


Many of us get the idea of changing our eating and exercise choices to achieve our ideal weight, but few grasp the extent of it.


On the one hand, that’s a good thing.


Focusing on one day at a time is a proven strategy for success for any desired change.


But when it comes to lifetime success, there also needs to be a comprehensive system in place. One that takes all the inevitabilities of life into account.


Managers need to have that system. One that will catch them if/when they fall.


They may not fall for a while, giving Managers a false sense of security.


But when big changes hit or a whole bunch of little ones start adding up, a system designed to support consistency and connection will go a long way to keeping Managers on track.


We can’t do this alone. It’s especially obvious long-term.


Staying connected to people who will hold you accountable, gently guide and lovingly support you goes a long way.


Professionals/mentors are invaluable in this regard.


So is a community of like-minded people.


When a group of people is in the same figurative boat a natural bond occurs. Then leaning on someone in challenging times gets balanced by supporting another when they need you most.


And love saves the day once again.


Love and keeping a food log.




Maintenance University is where all the Types come together for enthusiastic support and reliable information about maintaining weight loss for life.

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