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Lessons From Oprah

Mar 01, 2018



I just finished listening to the podcast documentary from Chicago Public Radio called Making Oprah.


Besides being a fascinating audio study of the 25-year history of the Oprah Winfrey show, documenting its development from cheating husbands to a wagon of fat to Live Your Best Life TV, it presents the natural evolution of Oprah herself.  I highly recommend the 3-part series.



Three ideas stuck with me in particular.


#1  Focus




Slow Your Eating Down—Here’s Why and How:

Feb 22, 2018


Sweet Emma made a lovely meal.  Delicious, visually pleasing and healthy. We sat down to enjoy and one minute later her plate was empty. 


I mean one minute! 


It was hard to believe.  


I considered it might be an aberration until we had dined together multiple times and the same thing kept happening.  She was self-aware and unapologetic, “I’m a very fast eater”. 


Now, Emma was not obese, but according to...


The Day After

Feb 15, 2018





As tempting as that sounds, here are 3 reminders for the day after the “Holiday of Heart-Shaped Chocolate”


1.     Day is done.  Accept what may have happened yesterday and start fresh today.  Get rid of the candy.  Don't buy more.  Environmental control is everything. 


2.     Remember, accept the love and kind intention and ditch the sugar.  (See this previous blog for...


Eight “Healthy” Foods That Prevent Weight Loss

Feb 08, 2018



Mini Math Review:


Eating 3500 calories over the needs of your body will result in a gain of one pound of fat.  

Similarly, eating 3500 fewer calories than your body uses will result in the loss of a pound of fat.


As an example, 700 calories a week for 5 weeks is 3500 calories.  That is 100 calories a day for 5 weeks.

So, 100 extra calories a day is a one-pound gain while consuming 100 calories fewer a day, consistently, will be a one-pound loss at the...


Finished Books Part Two: Inspiration

Feb 01, 2018


Another note-worthy book on the bedside pile that I got to finish last week was Rework by Jason Fried and David Hansson.  It’s a collection of essays around business and productivity.


The page I dog-eared included this quote: 


“When you are high on inspiration, you can get two weeks of work done in twenty-four hours.  Inspiration is a time machine that way.”


Have you ever experienced that? 


When you are ready, really...


The Weight Loss Trifecta

Jan 25, 2018


My body is doing a great job of fighting off a cold. 


I’ve helped by taking it very easy this week. 


That meant one thing—time to devote to finishing the books piled up on my bedside table.


Being in the middle of several books at once is relatively new for me.  I used to be of the mindset that once you start a book you finish it, darn it, and that’s that.


Even if I was struggling to get through it, I would not allow myself...


What Do Size 4 Slacks and a Neat Medicine Cabinet Have in Common?

Jan 18, 2018


This week marks a milestone. 


It’s the first time, since we moved over 2 years ago, that I parked my car in the garage. 




I (finally) spent the long weekend opening, moving, tossing, recycling, donating, organizing and placing all the things that have been living in the boxes in the garage.


And there were a lot.  (Enough that a car now fits in the place boxes used to be!)


Monday night, I would open the garage door just to see...


Safeguard Your Resolutions

Jan 11, 2018


If someone asked me to name what I teach in one word, the answer might surprise you.


It’s not “Maintenance” or “Prevention” or even “Weight Loss” (ok, that’s two words). 


What I ultimately teach is Compassion


Self-compassion, more specifically. 


In the almost 2 decades I’ve been working with people to lose and keep off weight, it has become increasingly clear that self-compassion is the...


What's Your Resolution?

Jan 04, 2018




My wish for you and your family is a New Year filled with health, love and especially laughter!

Back next week with some Insights to Keep the Pounds Away in 2018 . . .





Happy New Year!

Dec 28, 2017


January 1st can be a great time for reflection and goal setting. 


Really anytime can be. 


Birthdays are a good one.  Beginning of any month.  The start of a season.  Monday.


No matter the day, the feeling is the same—renewal and hope.


I love those feelings.  Clean slate.  The whole year/month/day ahead of you. 




Many of us want to act on that feeling—let’s get stuff...



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