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Vacation Eating in the Time of COVID

Aug 06, 2020



Summer usually brings highly anticipated trips of all kinds. And with it changes in eating patterns.


This year’s a bit different, so we’re looking for safe ways to get a change of scenery.

Camping or road trips are high on the list of safer ways to get out of town.


Summer travel eating usually revolves around restaurant food, making it a bit trickier to lose or maintain weight.


But with camping or staying in a home away from home we can continue...


Fast Is Slow And Slow Is Fast

Jul 30, 2020



"Fast is slow and slow is fast"


Never is that more true than when we talk about weight loss.


I first learned the concept worded this way from Stephen Covey.


He offered a parenting story about his teenaged son as evidence.


Mr. Covey was appropriately vague about the problem, but it was some behavior that was challenging and needed attention. He’d told his son directly to change, multiple times, but it wasn’t working. Fast is slow.




Maintain Weight Loss on the Bright Side

Jul 23, 2020



Summer 2020 looks a lot different than I thought it would.

Bet you can relate.


One modification we made—instead of spending 4 days in a lodge in the middle of Sequoia National Park, we took a couple day trips up there instead.


All the beauty, less risk.


Hiking in natural splendor is one of my very favorite things to do. Being with my family is another, so these getaways are my idea of heaven.


After scoring a parking spot in the shade we donned...


Walk Yourself

Jul 16, 2020



My elementary school was built in 1927.


It’s a beautiful Spanish style complete with a tower.


The 60’s saw additions that became the middle school classrooms and gym. And because it was the early 60’s the gym doubled as a fallout shelter.


It’s thick walls, low ceilings and lack of windows made for dingy digs. My strongest memory of this dungeon was changing for PE in the locker room down there.


My middle school years coincided...


Plan to Maintain

Jul 09, 2020



Yesterday I spent a few hours planning my work projects for the next couple of months.


It felt sooooo good.

Creating order out of chaos.


I’d noticed myself procrastinating the last few days.

I had big ideas I wanted to make happen but it all felt overwhelming, so I wallowed in confusion instead.


There’s a big advantage to wallowing in confusion: It allows me to stay in inaction.

I can’t do anything if I don’t know what to do!



Maintenance is Easier When You Feel Better

Jul 02, 2020



I’ve been thinking about grief lately.


Wonder why?!


Spring/Summer of 2020 has brought so much. For each of us individually and collectively as a community, Country and World.


The frequency and consistency of the bigger griefs can make us more sensitive to the small ones. Grief is easier to recognize since we’re more familiar with the feeling these days.


This heightened sensitivity brings an opportunity for those of us learning to maintain...


Eat More, Weigh Less. Really.

Jun 25, 2020



I learned a great concept this week that relates to Maintenance.

So you know what that means . . . you’re about to learn it too :)




More specifically . . . Energy Flux


Energy Flux describes the amount of calories going through a system.


It’s an upgrade on the idea of Energy Balance.

Energy Balance is the old “calories in-calories out” idea.

It still holds, but it turns out there’s more to the story.




A Weight Loss Maintenance Hack

Jun 18, 2020



Someone called me “pretty” today.


Ok, they called me “pretty annoying” but I like to focus on the positive.



So funny, right?

My husband found this meme and knew I’d love it.

I laugh every time.


It makes me think of so many things—good jokes usually do—so at the risk of permanently ruining the joke for you, I’m going to unpack it a little in service of getting better at Maintaining Weight Loss.





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