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Eat More, Weigh Less. Really.



I learned a great concept this week that relates to Maintenance.

So you know what that means . . . you’re about to learn it too :)




More specifically . . . Energy Flux


Energy Flux describes the amount of calories going through a system.


It’s an upgrade on the idea of Energy Balance.

Energy Balance is the old “calories in-calories out” idea.

It still holds, but it turns out there’s more to the story.




A Weight Loss Maintenance Hack



Someone called me “pretty” today.


Ok, they called me “pretty annoying” but I like to focus on the positive.



So funny, right?

My husband found this meme and knew I’d love it.

I laugh every time.


It makes me think of so many things—good jokes usually do—so at the risk of permanently ruining the joke for you, I’m going to unpack it a little in service of getting better at Maintaining Weight Loss.




Make Maintenance Easier: A Lunchtime Tip



Summer camp was cancelled.


Such a bummer.

Hard to imagine a summer without camp.

Friends, swimming, crafts, games, singing—I loved my days at Cottonwood.


I’d wait outside my house on the steps with my mom. The big yellow bus worked its way down the street—we heard it way before we saw it. I’d climb aboard dragging my dark green duffle packed with towel, swimsuit and sack lunch.


That duffle bag survived the day, but barely. Tossed,...


The Best Way to Maintain Weight Loss



I didn’t grow up with computer games like my kids.


But in the months before my father passed 3 years ago there were countless hours spent in ERs, surgical waiting areas and hospital rooms. My ability to tolerate the unique mix of boredom, grief, tenderness and terror was made possible by a little game I could play on my phone.


I was saved by Candy Crush.


The sprinkle bombs and striped candy, leveling up and do-overs, competition among...


Does Maintenance Become Easier Over Time?



March is Maintenance Awareness Month and I’m answering your big, burning Maintenance questions.


So far we defined Maintenance and explained why we so often regain after dieting.


Today is one of my faves: Does Maintenance ever become easier?


YES! Yes it does.


What I love about the question is the inherent acceptance of the challenge of Maintenance. Changing long ingrained patterns is never easy and the realization that it’s required means...


Feel Better First



When my kids were little, I read all manner of parenting books and articles.

To be fair I probably fell asleep to them (parents of little kids are tired!), but I got the gist.


Among other things I learned:

  • To read to them from birth (even before!) to help their brains develop and foster a love of reading.


  • To label their emotional state out loud so they could start learning to identify it on their own.


  • That for every negative comment I made, I’d...

Losing Sleep May Keep You From Losing Weight



My brothers are computer geniuses.

I’m quite the opposite


When they talk shop, it’s like hearing another language. I don’t get it but I’m grateful to have them on speed dial (wait, I guess everyone’s on speed dial these days . . .)


They set up my computer system and keep it running smoothly so I can just turn it on and type.


One of the features they included is text alerts. As a convenience, every time I get a text on my phone...


Burger Lesson



One of the best things born of staying-at-home is my husband’s hidden chef-ing abilities.


Thank you Food Network!


Many new and delicious dishes have graced our plates and I’m tickled and oh so appreciative.


You see, even though it’s hard for me to admit . . . I hate cooking.


I’d love to love it.

I’m envious of those who enjoy creating in the kitchen. It looks like fun, but as much as I’ve tried—and I spent ...


What Will You Keep?



Things are shifting.


Can you feel it?


We were told to stay at home.

We did.

And it worked.

We flattened the curve and saved many hospitals from having too many critically ill patients at one time.


But as we start our 3rd month, many are asking, “now what?”


The Country’s coming out of its initial shock and trying to figure out what to do next. With no vaccine available and no reliable treatment, not much has changed virus-wise, but...


Works Like Magic for Weight Loss



If I somehow unsuspectingly walked into a room and found myself confronted by lights and a camera and a microphone held by the one and only Oprah and she asked me to name the ONE THING that makes the biggest impact on weight management, I know exactly what I’d say.


It wouldn’t be low carb or intermittent fasting or snacking or even planning (oh my, you know how I love me some planning!)


Without hesitation I would declare: LOGGING.


Keeping a food...



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