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Food, Fuel and Summer Camp

Jul 19, 2018



Remember summer camp?


Day camp.  Sleep-away camp.  Family camp.


I did ‘em all.


It was such a break from my regular life. A separate, exciting world of friends and fun. My brain could relax, there was nothing to get done.


The setting perfected our utopia. Tucked into the hills, we enjoyed warm days, tree lined trails, swimming pools, arts and crafts and epic campfire sing-alongs.


Love those memories.


Now my kids go to...


Road Trip: 4 Eating Guidelines

Jul 12, 2018



We just got back from a road trip to Yellowstone National Park.


It was the longest drive we’ve ever taken as a family. Over 15 hours each way.


We passed through parts of Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. The red, dry deserts gave way to green flatlands interlaced with flowing rivers surrounded by snowcapped mountains. It’s easy to see the lure of fly-fishing out there. So peaceful.


Yellowstone is known for it’s thermal...


Sour Grapes

Jul 05, 2018



I love grapes. Sweet. Satisfying. I buy them all the time.


And my husband taught me a valuable grape-purchasing trick: in the market, I taste-test the grapes. I try one in the pack to make sure it’s a good batch. I only get the best.


I never used to do this, but since I lost 50 pounds and have kept it off for over 9 years now, I care much more about the quality of my food.


It sounds obvious—we all care about the quality of our food?!




Beach Days: 4 Ideas to Get You There

Jun 28, 2018



Surf’s up!


Time to head to the beach.


Having grown up in southern California, the beach holds so many memories for me.


The beach days I remember most as a kid are from camp. We’d get there by big yellow bus with our sack lunches, towels and suits under our clothes. I couldn’t wait to get into the water. I’d swim out past the waves and hang with my only other friend who loved the water as much as I did. We’d body surf back in...


Cherry Season

Jun 21, 2018



We love to go cherry picking every year.


There’s a short window when the cherries are ripe and it usually falls around Father’s Day and the end of school.


And it’s usually hot. Very hot.


We go to the same place each year, an hour and a half drive away, and each year I notice my son can reach higher and higher branches.


This year I was struck by how different the experience was.


In the past, we’d easily fill our buckets,...


Make Room for Change

Jun 14, 2018



School’s out!


Remember that last week of elementary school before summer break? Before there was such a thing as “finals week”?


Watching videos, cleaning out your desk, playing games, signing yearbooks, end of year parties.


No homework.


It was a transition. A no man’s land after meaningful work was done but before summer vacation was official.


Wouldn’t it be great if we could have those sorts of transitions, too?


Tight Pants as an Opportunity

Jun 07, 2018



 Ugh.  Tight pants.  They feel terrible.


Especially when they’ve hit that critical point.  You know the point . . . when they are just about too tight to wear.


“Did they shrink in the dryer?” you wonder.


“If I wear them a bit, they will stretch out,” you decide.


Not this time.


Oh, I guess you could wear your formerly favorite pants but they hug just a little closer than you would like. ...


Weight and Vacation

May 31, 2018



I have a client; I’ll call him “Joe”.  Joe lost over 30 pounds and has kept it off for close to 3 years. In the last few months he’s been negotiating with 5 pounds that crept back on and won’t budge. And then he went on vacation . . .


Now what did most of you think just then?


“Everyone gains on vacation!”

“He definitely came back weighing more”




Joe came back at his goal weight and had a...


Summer is Great Environmental Control

May 24, 2018



It’s official!  Summer’s a-comin’.


This weekend marks the beginning of bathing suit season. And I think you can start wearing white. (Is that still a thing?)


It’s the season for BBQs, swimming, getaways, longer days and warmer nights.


The combo of more daylight to fit in exercise, hotter weather that may curb appetite and encourage hydration and yummy seasonal fruit that can replace denser desserts makes summer the biggest and...


Salad Makeover: 4 Hacks for your Salad

May 17, 2018



My favorite salad bag . . .


Side note: I heart salad bags. Those things are awesome! Great time savers and portion controllers. I love anything that makes eating healthier more convenient.


So, my favorite salad bag has the calories listed as 110 without dressing and double with it. Double!


And that’s only for one third of the bag.


No way do I eat one third of a bag of lettuce—to me one bag is a single serving size.


So if I ate the...



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