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A 3-Step Mother’s Day Strategy

May 10, 2018



Mother’s Day brings to mind brunches and big family gatherings. I’m imagining hats, but I may be confusing it with Easter.


While coming together to celebrate can be joyous, this day may also be fraught. Anytime we gather as a family it’s a mixed bag of love, resentment, laughs and stress.


Resentment, stress and food often don’t play well together, so over the years, I’ve honed a strategy to get through the day with more ease:



Do These 4 Things the Minute You Hit Your Goal Weight

May 03, 2018



You’ve finally reached your weight goal and it's time to transition to maintenance . . .




It should be a time of great celebration, but often there’s fear and resistance.


Many people are afraid that if they stop trying to lose they’ll gain. Yo-yo dieting memories flood in.




Without guidance and patience this process can go awry.


In order to set yourself up for success in the maintenance phase,...


Stop to Smell the Sweet Peas

Apr 26, 2018



Sweet Peas are my absolute favorite flower. They’re delicate and beautiful and bunches of them together form a messy abundant looking spray of color. But the thing I love most about them is the smell. The sweet perfume from one small bunch can fill a room.


I have a few raised garden beds in my backyard and three years ago we planted all sorts of peas including Sweet Peas. Well, this is the second year in a row we have grown “wild” Sweet Peas (meaning I...


Celebrations, Grief and Food

Apr 19, 2018



Remember the movie, Four Weddings and a Funeral?


Well, last weekend, my version was 2 Bar Mitzvahs and the first anniversary of my father’s passing (not quite as catchy).


It’s a set up for rampant, justified, even necessary emotional eating.


The angst had been building for the past couple of weeks as my body remembered the difficult months from the year before. I stopped being surprised by the daily tears. The anniversary would be the...


3 Ways to Weigh

Apr 12, 2018



Data is invaluable when making any decision or plan. Weighing things is one way to gather relevant data. So, consider weighing these three things regularly:




  1. Weigh . . . Yourself


So that you are comparing apples to apples, weigh at the same time of day with the same clothes (or lack there of). I recommend first thing in the morning in the buff.


If you are in weight loss mode, I highly recommend getting on the scale only once a week (same day...


Spring Cleaning

Apr 05, 2018



When the sun starts breaking through the clouds and shoots begin peeking though the soil, do you feel like it’s time to start fresh?


I do!


I love the idea of a fresh start.


The rain (and we’ve even had some in Southern California) purifies everything, signaling a new beginning.


Spring cleaning can be our purification process.


Now, I love a good de-cluttering session—a clean, organized closet or drawer makes my heart skip a...


Spring Break Survival Guide

Mar 29, 2018



Spring has sprung! 


My Sweet Peas are just about to bloom, Easter and Passover are on the horizon and kids are off from school.


That means family time, a few large meals, abundant chocolate and shifting schedules.  It may even mean some travel.


Good time for a refresher of the Happier Holiday Habits:


1.     Set a goal for the week.

2.     Plan it.

3.     Stay connected.



Last Bites

Mar 22, 2018



Geneen Roth is a genius. 


She’s a writer, observer and knower of women and food. 


You may recognize her as the author of the best selling book, Women, Food and God


Her latest offering just came out this month and it’s an incredible read. This Messy Magnificent Life: A Field Guide builds on her kind, keen, shared experiences with food and growth. 


I often say, how we do one thing is how we do everything. ...


If You Drink Coffee, Make Sure To Do This . . .

Mar 15, 2018



Eat breakfast!


Most people who drink coffee in the morning report not feeling hungry.


The reason you don’t feel hungry is because you’ve ingested a drug (caffeine) whose side effects include appetite suppression.  The problem with appetite suppression is that it only masks a body signal; it doesn’t satisfy the bodily need.


It’s like taking pain medication for a toothache; the tooth problem is not solved by the medication, it...


Three Simple Supermarket Strategies

Mar 08, 2018



Environmental control . . .


. . . is one of my very favorite topics!


. . . is the cornerstone of weight management.


. . . is well summed up by the phrase, “if it’s not there, you can’t eat it”.


Most people think Will Power is the key to weight management—“if I could just be better . . .” but knowing yourself and your limitations is so much more powerful. 


If you have trouble resisting a chip, then...



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