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Friends and Food: 18 Ways to Connect Without Calories



Studies show that people with strong social networks live longer. Check out this cool infographic from WebMD to see how.



Getting together with a friend is one of life’s great pleasures.


But all too often, in this day and age, it comes with lots of extra calories. Our go-to get-togethers revolve around food—brunch, lunch, dinners.


They don’t have to. 

There are so many ways to connect that don’t involve food.


If you...


3 Tips for Road Trip Eating



We just came back from a trip to the Grand Canyon.  Active, breathtaking and fun!


I love National Parks.


Such beauty and I feel a sense of community—this land is preserved by us (our government) to be enjoyed by all.  Love that.


But the food is another story.


It was a road trip, so the eating became challenging right from the start.


We ate at places like The Wagon Wheel, Giggling Cactus, Big E Steakhouse & Saloon and Big...


Lesson Learned from French Fries



I’m a French Fry Snob . . . well, that actually implies that I might meet a fry I didn’t like.  Ha!

I think French Fry Fanatic is more like it (although, steak fries? Really?)


I was recently at a conference and it was dinner break time. I took myself to a reliable place with the best shoestring fries AND sweet potato fries on the planet.


Mercifully, you can order a 50/50 split, but the portion size is enormous and it was just me.   I...


Goal Weight and Maintenance




There’s an interesting phenomenon I’ve noticed with my clients.


It’s about their goal weight.


They’re doing beautifully, losing lots of weight and nearing their target. They look great, feel great and have their food dialed in. They’re wearing a clothing size they’re real happy with.


The last couple of pounds often take a bit longer than the first because the new reasonable amount of food eaten each day reaches a...


Discomfort and Weight Loss



Just got back from Pilates class.


I drag myself there, but I love the feeling when I’m done.


I started about 6 months ago and I’m getting stronger. Actually stronger.

In the beginning, I couldn’t even hold my body in the full push-up position (called a plank). Now, I can hold my plank up to 60 seconds (woo hoo!).


It feels so good to watch my body change and become more powerful.  


This result comes with a price tag, though.



Prevent Weight Gain in 4 Easy Steps




This may be TMI, but I just had my midlife tune-up, medically speaking. So many parts were tested and probed. I happily report all is well, but it got me thinking.


It’s important to check under the hood every once in awhile. As a physician, I know very well the great benefits of preventative care measures.


But it can be a hard sell.


Frankly, it took me a year before I got around to making my own appointments.

It’s uncomfortable and time...


Balance vs. Harmony




I was listening to a podcast (The Sheri + Nancy Show –it’s fun) and they were interviewing Dr. Ivan Misner, founder of BNI, a huge international networking group. He’s written a book called “Who’s in Your Room?” about the quality of your life being determined by the people and relationships in it.  


Makes you consider who’s in your room. Negative, energy drains or uplifting inspirations? Which ones will get you...


Practice For When You Need It



Remember Karate Kid?


The original, of course.


It’s that 1980’s coming of age movie where an older jaded karate master coaches a bullied boy to greatness.


One of the most memorable parts was Mr. Miyagi’s teaching style.


The boy, Daniel, coaxes the retired master into teaching him karate. So Mr. Miyagi puts him to work washing his cars. He instructs, “wax on, wax off”. Mr. Miyagi shows the boy just how he wants him to do...


Our Own Sweet Time




What do a 50-pound weight loss and building a business have in common?


Well . . . I’m in the thick of building a business right now and the ups and downs, frustrations and elations are reminding me of my 50-pound weight loss journey.


I work one-on-one with people to help them lose weight and maintain their weight loss. But I’m also building Maintenance University, an on-line course and community for people who’ve lost weight and want to...


Your Body's Not a Garbage Can



Years ago Anna, a new friend, was losing weight.


A lot of weight.


She’d been heavy her whole life and had recently gotten married at her usual size, but something finally shifted and she started a weight loss regimen. She was doing amazingly well.


We had dinner with her while she was working the program. She was actively practicing her new behaviors. She described how and what she was choosing to order. She checked in with herself periodically about...



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