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5 Good Reasons to Count Your Calories



6 year-old me: “But, why?”


My mom: “Because I said so!”


I was never satisfied with that answer.


Neither were my kids, for that matter. (sigh)



The Get Ready Challenge just started yesterday (It’s not too late to join! Click Here). It’s a free week of discovery and preparation where we determine your personal metabolism numbers so you can take control of your health and weight goals.


There’s lots...


Get Ready to Start Feeling Great!



One of my dreams came true.


I moved to Italy.


What’s not to love about Italy? The expressive people, the beautiful language, the unbelievable food, the tangible history, the unmatched natural beauty. Oh and the Art!


I was an Art History major in college (at least in the beginning) and it was a no-brainer where to spend a semester abroad. I wanted an immersive experience and knew I had to prepare: goal number one—learn Italian.


I took...


5 Advantages of Midlife for Weight Loss



During midlife, there may be metabolism mysteries (solve them by watching this video) and hormone headaches (learn more about hormones here), but there are also some hard won benefits to being older when you’re trying to lose weight.


Consider these:


1.  You know yourself


You’ve tried enough foods, exercises, and systems to know what works for you and what doesn’t. You know if you’ll be permanently cranky without your morning...


The Superhero of Weight Loss



Every year my family and I go to a community gathering. There’s singing and acts of service. It’s a nice touchstone.


Well, this year I noticed something very disturbing.


We’re outgrowing the event.


It’s for young families and that’s how I identify myself and my family—my kids are young. Except . . . they’re not so young anymore.


I watched the other families with their young children. I saw how hard the moms...


Willpower Depletion



I went to Costco Sunday for the first time in over a year.


I was prepared:


  • I had a list (and it was short)
  • I ate lunch at home just before I went (so not hungry)
  • I was alone (no kids in tow)
  • I had on comfortable shoes (ready for the long aisles)
  • I gave myself a time limit (one hour)


Even still, I was overwhelmed by the visit.


I was amazed at how strong the pull was to check out the TVs and the teeth whitening strips and the fleece jackets (none of...


5 Hormones That Make Your Middle Harder to Manage in Midlife



Midlife is full of change. Families shift with parents aging and kids growing, eventually leaving the nest. Careers build and transition. Relationships ebb and flow. And that’s just the external atmosphere. Internally, hormones can wreak havoc on our bodies and minds. It’s called a second adolescence for good reason.


Estrogen, insulin, cortisol, leptin and ghrelin are 5 of the hormones that contribute to the insidious expansion of our middles during midlife....


3 Steps to Your Best Labor Day Weekend



A three-day weekend.  Woo hoo!  A gift of time.

Now, what to do with it?

Use this 3 step process to get the most out of this opportunity:

  1. Assess
  2. Plan
  3. Enjoy!


First, assess your needs.

What kind of day or weekend do you need/want?

  • Since the kids just started school, do you need a catch up day?
  • Maybe a last summer hurrah? Beach day, pool party, BBQ?
  • Is it a well deserved rest day?
  • Or last chance for a weekend away for a while?
  • Perhaps a combo?

Sit quietly for...


Back to School



It’s part of the cycle of life with kids. We’re often oh so ready for school to be over in June and then we’re equally ready for school to start back up in September (or mid-August as the case may be).


What this signals for us grown-ups is a change in schedule.


It’s an opportunity to revisit what works and what doesn’t in our morning and afternoon routines.


  • Were you getting your exercise in early because you had a little more...

Enough is Enough



In a land of plenty, when is enough, enough?


When it comes to food, your body has an answer.


If you’re eating more calories than your body needs, you gain weight.

It’s concrete.  It was too much.


The real question, then, is about “need”.


You can’t know “enough” if you don’t know your need.


In this country, many of us have the luxury of access to more food than we need—per day and even...


Where Does Lost Fat Go?



First try clicking the video above to play it, but if that doesn't work click this link: Watch the video here


In this fantastic TED talk by physicist, Ruben Meermen, you will learn exactly what happens to the fat you lose--and I bet it's not what you think!  Well worth the 21 minutes . . .


Here's what you can expect minute by minute:

1:45   What do we think happens to fat when we lose it?

3:45   Chemical formula for human fat




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