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The Holiday Bermuda Triangle

Sep 27, 2017


Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  Oh my!


They conjure up thoughts of pumpkins and falling leaves, warm family gatherings, pine trees and wrapping paper . . .


. . . and candies and pies, stuffing and gravy, cookies and eggnog.


Overeating is as much a part of these American holidays as the gratitude and compassion they developed from.


I’ve heard the holiday trifecta referred to as the Bermuda Triangle of Weight Gain.


Which is fitting...

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Ruin Your Appetite

Sep 20, 2017


I was hungry one evening not too long ago, but I knew I was going to a favorite restaurant with my husband later so I waited to eat. 


Big mistake.


Because I get physically uncomfortable (tummy and headache) and very irritable. 


In order to protect my kids from my symptoms, I decided to hide out in my office.  I distracted myself with work—not the rich creative work that requires calm centeredness—but I got some mundane things done. ...

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Plan For It

Sep 14, 2017


There was a time in American history when the majority of homes had a dedicated homemaker.  She (as it usually was a she) kept the home running smoothly including planning and preparing all the meals for the family members.  Eating out was a rare occurrence.


Americans were thinner then. 


Times have changed over the last 60 years.  For many reasons, eating out has become more commonplace.  In fact, in the early 60’s about 90% of dinners were...

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Lean In

Sep 07, 2017


“I’m going on a diet”


“I’m starting a new diet on Monday”


“I’m dieting, so I can’t eat that”


How often have we heard those phrases (or said them ourselves!)?  The diet mentality—one of restriction and deprivation—is keeping us overweight.


And here’s how:


If you start with a “diet” to lose some extra pounds, then going off that...

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Thank you, Body!

Aug 31, 2017


It was going to be a long afternoon—the next three hours were tightly scheduled: picking up kids from two different schools, taking one to an appointment and the other a class, fitting in getting gas for the car, cash for the week and picking up my long lost dry cleaning.  Check, check and check!  The trouble was I had to pee the whole time. 


I’d forget about it when I had the chance, and then be rudely reminded at the most inopportune...

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No More Tears . . .

Aug 24, 2017



I saw this cartoon on social media and “get it” all too well.  Even if you feel this way, I’m going to encourage you to hop on the scale. Regularly.


Here’s why:


It’s important to have and use data.  The classic analogy is a GPS mapping device —it needs to know where you are now and where you want to end up before it can tell you how to get there.  Same with weight.


It doesn’t always feel this...

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Meet My Former Therapists: Ben and Jerry

Aug 17, 2017


In last week’s blog I showed just how weight could creep on over the years.


Slowly, unnoticed. 


But sometimes we know exactly how it comes on. 


Almost 15 years ago, just after I first got married, I felt overwhelmed.  Moving and setting up a home, living with my new husband and trying to be a “good wife” all while finishing my graduate work.  It was an unexpectedly tough time. 


So how did I handle the...

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First Stop Gaining

Aug 10, 2017


The best way to quit smoking is never to start.


The safest way to treat a heart attack is to prevent one.


The easiest way to lose weight is not to gain it in the first place.



If you are an ex-smoker, you know this is true.  Ditto if you ever tried to lose weight.


The idea of weight loss can feel so overwhelming that many give up before they start.  I invite you to think of it in a little different way—first . . . just stop...

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