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Joy is the Answer



Have you been tubing lately?

It’s when you jump onto an oversized inner tube and shoot down a snowy hill.


It’s impossible not to smile rushing down that hill.


I mean a Big Smile—the kind that comes from within—it’s pure Joy.


When you’re feeling Joy, all is well. Nothing is missing.


And that feeling is the answer to most weight issues.


When nothing is missing we are whole.

When nothing is missing we...


Want More Lightness? Try a Ritual



I went to a coming of age ceremony (aka Bat Mitzvah) this last weekend. So moving.


I understand why there is such a thing.


Because once someone reaches the age of 13ish, they are no longer a child-child. The baby-toddler-little kid part of their life (and therefore their parents’ lives) is over.


The focus is different.


It’s no longer about keeping them from wandering into the street and reading them bedtime stories (sniffle), it’s...


Bingo, Anyone?



Martha Beck, one of my favorite Modern Day Sages, has a great way of dealing with difficult family holiday gatherings.


She plays Dysfunctional Family Bingo.


She literally creates a bingo card/grid and in the squares puts things like,

“Uncle Tim gets Drunk”


“Mom (passive/aggressively) complains about how much work she’s done preparing”


“Brother Steve shows up an hour late”


“Aunt Sue asks me how much weight...


The One Thing You Must Do Before Your Next Party



Parties are starting!


With Hanukkah just around the corner and holiday parties getting into full swing, I’m listing for you my favorite party tips to keep the enjoyment up and the guilt down.


Incorporate these ideas and you’ll be the belle of the ball and still fit into your party dress come New Year’s Eve.


I’ll start with the most important one.

If you do nothing else from this list do this:


Snack BEFORE the party




It's Thanksgiving Day





Another example of "it's funny because it's true".

But not for us conscious eaters!! 

Based on last week's blog, we planned and visualized and are focusing on non-food things that make us happy this holiday.


May you and your loved ones have a safe and love-filled holiday.


I'm so so thankful for you. xx





3 Steps to the Perfect Thanksgiving



Thanksgiving is only a week away.


There’s plenty of time to create the most successful holiday to date. Here’s how:


Plan it!


There are 3 phases of the Holiday to plan for:


  1. Days before Thanksgiving
  2. Thanksgiving Day
  3. Rest of the Weekend


Each phase needs it’s own plan.


This doesn’t have to take long—10 minutes can save you guilt and regret and give you a joyful intentional Holiday.



The Days...


5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Trigger Foods



Remember the Golden Age of the TV show Seinfeld?




Not to mention the reruns.


So many unforgettable moments and sayings that forever impacted our culture:


Yada yada yada

Not that there’s anything wrong with that

Double dipping


No soup for you!


For those of us with food issues (and presumably that’s all of us reading this now) the funny-because-it’s-true scene of George eating an éclair out of a...


This One Skill is Mandatory for Permanent Weight Loss



There was an academic clinical psychologist who became president of his professional association. This was awesome except for one thing . . . he had a crippling fear of public speaking.


Sweating, nausea, dry mouth, light headedness, even losing his voice. He felt it all. To his credit, he did it anyway, but it was not fun.


He tried everything to get rid of the anxiety. After all, he was a psychologist who dealt with people’s anxiety everyday.




Candy vs. Sweetness



Halloween is just around the corner.


One of last year’s Halloween blogs was about the best day to buy Halloween candy.  Find out here.


This year let’s talk about conscious candy choices.


As long as we’re aware of what we’re doing and why, we can have a happy, guilt-free experience with candy (or anything else, for that matter).


In order to be conscious about your candy consumption, ask yourself a couple of questions:



A Peak Behind the Scenes of The PLAN Plan



Creating a proven weight loss program that delivers results for life is easy for someone who’s helped people get healthy for almost 2 decades.


But, it’s naming that program that’s hard.


My program is called, The PLAN Plan.


I love the name, but I’ve had marketing experts tell me to find a different one.


I’m willing to consider it, but I haven’t landed on one that fits yet. It has to be catchy and not too cutesy.




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