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Gifts of the Season

Dec 07, 2017


It’s gift-giving season. And I have a confession to make.


I’m a terrible gift giver. 


I was born this way.


I’m just not the best shopper.  If it can’t be found on Amazon, I’m not finding it. 


I’m ecstatic when someone tells me what they want.  I’m great at getting things done.  Checked off the list!  You got it. 


I know, I know, it’s not that romantic or surprising or...

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Nov 30, 2017


How did your Thanksgiving go? 


I know for many of you, planning worked—congratulations!  You discovered that it’s possible to have a meaningful, memorable time without regretting food choices. 


Nice job.


For the rest of us—we can love ourselves anyway and learn from the things we could’ve done better. 


In fact, it’s one of the ways humans learn best—from things going awry.  But the learning only...

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 23, 2017


Just a quickie this Thanksgiving to say I am grateful for you, your friendship and following.

May you and your whole family enjoy health, happiness and peace this season and always.

And laughter too . . .


(couldn't find the clever creator's name--thank you, Funny!)


I leave you with this sincere Thanksgiving Day wish:  (found on quotesgram.com)



Plan, Plan, Plan!

In Love and Gratitude,  Stephanie




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Thanksgiving is . . .

Nov 16, 2017


. . . many things—family, warmth, love, friends, gratitude, service and food.


But it’s just one meal. 


One meal.


Lots can happen in that one meal, but if it stops there—no major problem.


The bigger issue is the long weekend associated with Thanksgiving and the potential for a slide on the slippery slope through the rest of the Holidays. 


The key here is to put the Thanksgiving meal in its place.  One meal.



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The Gifts of Daylight Saving Time Ending

Nov 09, 2017


Daylight Saving Time ended last weekend and while we are still adjusting to the darker evenings, consider this:


We have a golden opportunity here. 


We can fix two problems in one fell swoop: the problem of getting to bed too late and the problem of not having enough time in the morning.


Many people struggle to get to sleep at a reasonable time. 


Getting to bed may not be the issue. 


Often we get into bed early enough, but then we watch...

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Halloween Lessons

Nov 02, 2017


Apparently, there are phases to Halloween candy acquisition in my house—

First there’s collecting (trick-or-treating).

Then the assessing (dumping it on the kitchen table to see what you got).

Then categorizing (chocolate vs colorful vs wrappers).

Then the trading (minimally successful).

And then the consuming (OK, the consuming was done throughout the entire process). 


It’s a fun family activity!


It was a ball watching my kids’ excitement...

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What Does a "Sale" Really Cost?

Oct 26, 2017


We talked a bit about environmental control last week—the idea of not having Halloween candy in the house until the day of Halloween to protect ourselves from ourselves. 


It works.


If it’s not there, we won’t eat it.


Then a sweet reader told us (through the comments section—we love comments!!) about the draw to buy the candy because it was on sale . . .


Ah.  The trap of “The Sale”.


Money and food have...

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The Best Day to Buy Halloween Candy . . .

Oct 19, 2017


. . . is October 31st.


It barely has time to settle into the bowl before little ghosts and princesses grab for their treats.


Less time alone with the candy = more available for the costumed kids.


Universal goal of Halloween achieved!


But, I learned this trick the hard way.


It took years. 


Long ago, I would buy some for the kids and a bag for myself.  They are “fun-sized,” I’d argue.  Good portion control . . ....

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Happier Holidays with Dr. Stephanie Fein

Oct 12, 2017


There are only a few days left to watch my Free Video Series: Happier Holidays with Dr. Stephanie Fein

The 4th and final video release, yesterday, marked the first availability of the Happier Holidays Program.  The 12-week Program will start on Sunday (yay!).  Join us

The free videos come down Saturday night—along with the chance to join the Program.


I learned a lot from the video series and I hope you did too.


  • I learned to unplug the phone...
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Why We Overeat and How to Fix It

Oct 05, 2017


I don’t know about you, but the shock has barely worn off and the sadness has set in.  This has been a hard week and I needed to acknowledge the confusion and disappointment in the air. 

And the sadness. The deep sadness. 

I’m making a special effort to keep my heart open—to the victims of the tragedy, their loved ones and all who feel dazed and afraid.  It’s the only control I have in a completely out of control situation. 


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