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Protect Yourself From Cabin Fever

Mar 26, 2020



As the home sequestering continues and the idea that it’s months long sinks in, we need two things:


  1. Compassion for ourselves as we grieve this understanding
  2. A plan


[By the way, everything needs this. Compassion and a plan is how literally everything gets done, including weight loss and maintenance.]


Last week we talked about How to Cope Without Eating Everything in Sight. I added in-depth videos and a free workbook to help you manage emotional...

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How to Cope Without Eating Everything in Sight

Mar 19, 2020



We’re in a trying time.

It’s asking us to do things we never thought we’d have to do.

Scary, uncertain, uncomfortable and for who knows how long.

That’s a recipe for 24/7 anxiety soup.


Stress hormone is not meant to be elevated for long periods of time. Ideally it’s mobilized in short bursts for life-threatening danger, and it works great for that (run away from predator!).

Not so much for prolonged fear. It wreaks havoc on our bodily...

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Why Do I Regain Weight After Dieting?

Mar 12, 2020



March is Maintenance Awareness Month here at Maintenance University and we’re going back to the basics.


Last week we defined Weight Loss Maintenance answering the question, What is Maintenance?


This week we look at a Why . . . why is weight regain so common after dieting?


The problem of weight regain is twofold: mental and physical.


The way we think about weight loss is the main problem with weight regain.


“Diets” are usually...

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What is Weight Loss Maintenance?

Mar 05, 2020



March is Maintenance Awareness Month!


Well, at least it is around here  :)

(I wonder what it would take to make it official—that’s going on my to-do list!)


All month we’re going to talk about the basics of Weight Loss Maintenance so we’re on the same page about what Maintenance means and how to achieve it.


Starting with the definition . . .


What is Weight Loss Maintenance?


Here’s one from the medical...

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This is a Maintenance Must-Have

Feb 27, 2020




Do you have a favorite go-to dress?


You know the one . . .


You love it, it reliably looks good, it’s appropriate for most any occasion and you already have the right accessories for it.


Life’s just easier when you know you have something suitable to fall back on.


It doesn’t take much thought and you’re ready for anything. It’s good.

May not be the flashiest or the newest but it’s a staple and works . . ....

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What To Do When The Number on the Scale Starts Going Up

Feb 20, 2020




Maintaining weight loss is not for the faint of heart.


There are a million ways to lose weight, but only one way to keep it off.


Maintenance is best done using, among other things, data and accountability.


We need basic information on a regular basis so we can note our progress. One of these useful data points is the number on the scale.


So, what do you do when the scale is moving in the wrong direction?


Good question.


And the...

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50 Ways to Show Love Without Food

Feb 13, 2020



It’s just about Valentine’s Day around here and that means one thing . . . chocolate!



Love, right?



A commercialized day dedicated to romance and chocolate doesn’t have to derail your weight maintaining efforts.


I’ve created a list of things you can do to express your love that don’t add any calories.

So go ahead—love on someone. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Here are 50 non-food ways to show your love to...

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Lose Weight with this Question

Feb 06, 2020



Why do you want to lose or maintain your weight?


Seems like a simple question.


Like one that’s easy to answer.


But “because I weigh too much” won’t cut it. At least not if you actually want to lose weight.


The answer may mean the difference between triumph and just plain humph.


Often an external event will prompt the desire to lose weight, but that leaves you with a sustainability problem. It’s true that the...

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Get to Your Goal Weight This Year

Jan 30, 2020




I’m a sucker for all things organization.

I LOVE categorizing, calendaring and color-coding.


Who doesn’t appreciate pastel post-its and a fresh gel-pen set?


So when the first of the year rolls around, I’m ready to go!


This year I’m focusing on my productivity and I started with a whole planner system (there was a book and everything :).


So far so productive.


And the idea that’s made the biggest impact?


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How to Make the Scale Your Friend

Jan 23, 2020



I have such a clear memory of this.


It was years ago (read: decades) and I had just picked up my favorite summer suit from the cleaners.


Readying for a date, I slip into the cute, cropped white linen pants and to my horror they barely close.




I just wore these comfortably a couple of weeks ago.


“The cleaners must have shrunk them!”

I went so far as to call said cleaners to give ‘em a piece of my mind . . .



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