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The Manager

Aug 29, 2019




There are four Weight Loss Maintenance Types: Rebounder, Drifter, Floater and Manager.


Your Type points to your vulnerability when it comes to long-term weight loss maintenance. Discovering yours puts you in the position to support your needs and easily keep your weight stable for life.

Find out your Type with the short quiz right here.


Over the past several weeks we’ve been detailing each Type (catch up on each here: The Rebounder, The Drifter, The...

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The Floater

Aug 22, 2019




Your Maintenance Type reveals your biggest block when it comes to keeping your hard-earned weight loss for good.


There are four Types: Rebounder, Drifter, Floater and Manager

(Which are you? Find out with the short quiz right here.)


In previous weeks, we covered the tendencies of The Rebounder and The Drifter so today we’re talkin’ Floater.


The image I have for The Floater is an empty raft on a river. It’s going along just fine,...

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The Drifter

Aug 15, 2019




There are 4 Weight Loss Maintenance Types: Rebounder, Drifter, Floater and Manager. (To find out which Type you are, take the short quiz here)


Each Type has unique strengths and susceptibilities when it comes to keeping weight off for good.


Last week we heard about the Rebounder so today we get to discuss . . . the Drifter.


Drifters do a wonderful job of losing weight.


This time around they took the time to get into the right mindset and...

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The Rebounder

Aug 08, 2019



What Maintenance Type are you?


Have you found out yet?  If not, click here to take the short quiz now.


Your Maintenance Type reveals your vulnerabilities when it comes to maintaining weight loss (for an introduction to Maintenance Types read this).


You are one of 4 Types: Rebounder, Drifter, Floater or Manager


Over the next month we’ll talk in depth about each Type.

Today, The Rebounder.


The Rebounder Type is one of the most common...

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Vacation Eating

Aug 01, 2019




Just got back from our summer vacation and it always reminds me to talk to you about eating on vacation.


Because eating on vacation is a thing.


The way I see it there are 3 options when it comes to Vacation Eating:


  1. Eat the same way you currently eat at home


  1. Eat anything and everything and deal with it when you get back


  1. Something in between



Option number 1 means planning out what you’re going to eat and making...

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What's Your Maintenance Type?

Jul 25, 2019



When I found out I was pregnant for the first time, after the joyful tears and the shocking realization that we were going to have a BABY (!), I went right out and got the book, What to Expect When Your Expecting.


But I found I rarely cracked it open.


Instead I poured over the baby and parenting books. The ones that taught you what to do once the baby was out. It was so clear to me that the tough part was coming on the other side of the pregnancy.



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Yo-Yo No More

Jul 18, 2019



Yo-Yo No More:

3 Proven Strategies

to Keep Your Hard Earned Weight Loss for Good


That’s the title of the talk I’m giving for a Wellness Summit created by my friend Dr. Orlena Kerek. It’s impressive what she managed to put together, nearly 40 talks on topics ranging from sleep and stress to pain and plant based eating.


There’s free access all this week.

Click here to join today—you can still get access to today and tomorrow’s...

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Reached a Plateau? Ask These Questions

Jul 11, 2019




Plateaus can be sooooo frustrating.


We’re plugging along, doing our thing, eating well and moving in ways we haven’t before. And it’s working. We’re feeling better and losing weight. We’re motivated to keep on going.


All is well.


Then one week when we know we’ve done everything “right” we hop on the scale and no change. Sigh. It happens.


We keep on keeping on knowing it will show up soon. Our...

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A Centenial Celebration

Jul 04, 2019



This is the 100th Ounce of Prevention.




Woo hoo!!

Cue the confetti canons!!

Throw in a disco ball or two.


100 “insights to keep the pounds away.”


100 weeks in a row.


Some of you have been around that long (bless you, and thank you for being such sweet friends :)


Some of you are new (welcome!) and get to browse the inventory.

Because there's 100 of ‘em.






100 anything is amazing,...

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How to Determine Your Ideal Weight

Jun 27, 2019



Last week we talked about Weight Goals (catch up here)—they are milestones on the way to your Goal.


Today we get to talk about Goal Weight and in particular how to pick yours.


The term “Ideal Weight” can have a negative connotation. As if there is some magic number that all bodies should be if they are a certain height.


Just writing that seems preposterous to me. It’s clear to anyone who’s ever been to a beach or mall that...

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